Learning Flourishing

Learning Flourishing is a place to explore the intersection of learning, design and technology in service of human flourishing. It is the personal portfolio of Rachel Davison Humphries.

Human beings are natural autodidacts. Through my work, I am interested in integrating the most up-to-date learning science and theory.

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Man is a creative animal and we design solutions constantly. I am interested in human-centered design and service design.

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I am intensely interested in how to support human flourishing. With every project I am part of I endeavor to build towards a better future.

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Find the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Frederick Beuchner, Vocation

My unique background and wide range of experience gives me insights into the holistic nature of the learner.
I help organizations train educators, parents, students and employees in all aspects of creative and learning environments. 


Innovation & Program Development | GeorgetownU Learning, Design & Technology | History, Civics, & Saving the Free World

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