Education by Design


In Fall 2022 I took a course in Education by Design with world-renown education and design scholar Punya Mishra. This is my portfolio for that course.

Course Introduction

If as Dalsgaard posits, “design is an interventionist discipline” how can we assure that the designed materials and spaces in education serve and honor the tacit knowledge of the educators as designers?

Through this couse I explored new theories and expanded my underdstanding of both design and design in education. The course themes included:

  • The idea of design and design thinking
  • Designerly ways of knowing
  • People and things
  • Wickedness, Design and Dewey
  • Bias in Design
  • Aesthetics, Emotion and design
  • Roots of social innovation
  • Design in Society
  • Design theory
  • Design thinkng and its discontents
  • The truth of fact and the truth of feeling

DCI 691 (Education by Design) is a course about design. Design as a way of thinking and as a process that values collaboration, context, and diverse perspectives. Design as an approach that generates creative solutions to complex (wicked) problems of practice, particularly in education. 

Design is both a noun and a verb, a product and a process. Design is central to the construction of any process or artifact—be it a website or a car; an ATM machine or educational policy. Design touches on many different disciplines—science, technology, engineering, education, psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, and art, to name a few. A multi-dimensional issue like design, particularly in education, requires a multifaceted approach. 

Punya Mishra,

Course Assignments

Book, Please: A Mapping an Emotional Experience Exercise


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