This portfolio showcases my work at the intersection of learning, design & technology.

Printing History-A Learning Experience

Interleaving old and new, we designed and 3-D printed a version of the Gutenberg press. To add to the learning opportunity, we thought to have the 3D printed printer print a QR code that would take you to the Augmented Reality app that would teach you about the history of printing! Print-ception! The final artifact of the project was a lesson plan that created an inquiry-based interdisciplinary lesson that had students learn about the 3-D printing, the history of printing and explored the importance of and risks in the free exchange of ideas in a society. See the whole project here.


As part of my Studies in Educational Technology course this semester, I designed an augmented reality experience that would teach not only the history of educational technology but also some of the best practices of use in the K-12 environment. You can view the entire project here.

Socratic Education Mastermind Workshop

A description of the project and the works presented.

Let’s build something together.

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