Rachel Davison Humphries

Innovation & Program Development with the Bill of Rights Institute, Georgetown University MA ain Learning, Design & Technology, interested in History, Civics, & Saving the Free World

I am a passionate Montessori educator, learning designer, experiential guide, and a lifelong learner. I have a profound respect for young people and delight in their curiosity and joy.

I am currently the Director of Outreach at the Bill of Rights Institute where I lead and design nationwide marketing and programming. Prior to joining BRI in 2016, I worked as an educator in middle, high school, and university environments, most recently as a Lead and Mentor Teacher in Guatemala City, Guatemala. During almost a decade in the classroom, I spent much of my career learning to become a master Socratic guide and have led multiple international Socratic pedagogy workshops. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from the Great Books program at St. Johns College in Santa Fe, NM and Annapolis, MD, my teaching certificate in Adolescent Education from the Association Montessori Internationale, and am pursuing my Masters in Learning, Design & Technology at Georgetown University.

I live in the Washington, D.C. area with my loving husband and amazing pup.

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