As part of my Studies in Educational Technology course this semester, I designed an augmented reality experience that would teach not only the history of educational technology but also some of the best practices of use in the K-12 environment.

Metaverse (1).png

By the numbers, this project took

  • 4550 words: The text of the experience is about 4550 words. The script of the scenes used in design can be found here (it also gives a good sense of the content so you can browse with more confidence).
  • 500 pathways: Approximate number of pathways between the scenes, allowing users to move around the experience through multiple decision trees.
  • 171 scenes: The storyboard that causes the movement of the experience has 171 unique scenes
  • 70 hours: The resource took approximately 70 hours to write and create.
  • 68 sources: 68 sources were referenced or referred to in the text of the experience. The referenced works list can be found here.
  • 65 character cards: I created 65 unique characters (images/gifs) in the platform.

You can find the entire experience here: EdTechne on Metaverse.  It was designed on the Metaverse app as a final project for the course.

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 11.30.00 PM

It is absolutely a work in progress and I welcome your feedback!

Thank you!

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