Georgetown’s MakerHub

To complete the Apprenticeship in Teaching Program, participants are required to visit a campus resource center. An awareness of the services that universities offer for
students and teachers and how these services can be incorporated in one’s teaching is critical.

Georgetown University, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship, Apprenticeship in Teaching Program

In the Summer of 2019, as part of my Emerging Technology in Education by Professor Bryan Alexander at Georgetown University, I had the opportunity to come to know the Georgetown MakerHub. As a final project, we were asked to explore one of the technologies we studied. I have been interested in 3D printing technology for years and jumped at the opportunity to work with a partner to create a 3D project using the resources of the MakerHub.

The MakerHub is a unique and thoroughly modern space on a university campus. Only about 50 major university campuses have them open to the general student population and they are a cornucopia of creative technology.

Georgetown’s MakerHub is particularly well run through a dedicated staff MakerHub manager, Don Undeen, who provides continuity and clarity to the MakerHub policies and processes. The website is clear and extraordinarily useful and the process for access is clear.

Every course I teach would involve time and access to the MakerHub to generate physical artifacts for projects. There is also the opportunity to explore learning and creativity more generally with an open lab accompanied by a reflection on one’s own learning process and capacity for autodidacticism.

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